There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it, the other that you can boast about it. [Bertrand Russell]

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This site contains over 500 book reviews on a wide range of subjects, including science, medicine, philosophy, religion, evolution, psychology, and fiction. They reflect a pretty eclectic range of reading over many years. Please see the subjects list for details.

Disclaimer: Some of the reviews are of books supplied at my request by the publishers. I accept no remuneration from publishers or authors for writing these reviews and have no financial interest in any writing other than my own.


Selected books are given a score for quality and importance. ("Importance" here is relative; a book on UFOs, for example, may get a high score for importance in its field even though UFOs are not an important subject in themselves.)

Scoring of this kind is in any case obviously highly subjective so take it as a very rough guide only. The fact that a book has no stars doesn't mean that I think it's no good. Almost all the books reviewed here are at least worth reading, in my opinion; there is little point in wasting my time or yours on really bad books. With that proviso in mind the scoring works like this:

* = Good
** = Excellent

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